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Incredible Fountains

moonlight rainbow fountain, Seoul, Korea

banpo bridge & moonlight rainbow fountain

Banpo Bridge

In September of 2008, opened the Banpo Bridge, which is also known as “Rainbow Fountain” or “Moonlight Fountain”.
This is located in one of the major cities of South Korea: Seoul. This unique double-deck bridge, is the largest man-made structure in the world. This bridge connects the districts of Seocho and Yongsan.
Labelled in Guinness Book of Records as longest bridge in the world, this place brings together millions of tourists that conglomerate at night to see the wonderful waterfalls.
It is full of lights that are of the Han bridge building. This magnificent decoration was an idea of the Korean government, which took place at the Renaissance project on the Han River.
The lower level of the bridge is used by bicycles, pedestrians, and cars to facilitate their access to Napo Hangang Park. But when the river’s water level increases, this part closes. The top floor operates normally, but only for cars.
The nearly 10 thousand nozzles coming out on both sides of the bridge work everyday and generate geometric shapes.
At night, they display different color schemes to create a beautiful and artificial rainbow.

Moonlight Rainbow Fountain

The Moonlight Rainbow Fountain (Korean: 달빛무지개 분수) is the world's longest bridge fountain that set a Guinness World Record with nearly 10,000 LED nozzles that run along both sides that is 1,140m long, shooting out 190 tons of water per minute. Installed in September 2009 on the Banpo Bridge, Seoul mayor Oh Se-hoon praised that the bridge will further beautify the city and showcase Seoul's eco-friendliness, as the water is pumped directly from the river itself and continuously recycled The bridge has 38 water pumps and 380 nozzles on either side, which draw 190 tons of water per minute from the river 20 meters below the deck, and shoots as far as 43 meters horizontally.

  Seoul City Night Tour

The single-level bus starts in Gwanghwamun and takes visitors to the bridges of the Hangang River, N Seoul Tower, and other night attractions of Seoul. The tour takes about 1.5 hours. After stopping at N Seoul Tower for a 10 minute break to view the night scenery, the bus makes another stop at Namdaemun Market. One of the largest wholesale markets in Korea, Namdaemun is very popular among international travelers for clothes, fashion items, and foods at attractive prices. Afterwards, the bus makes its last stop at Cheonggye Plaza in Jongno, right in the heart of Seoul.

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